First session: Investing for the “Future Kuwait”

  • “Northern Gulf Gateway” – a new integrated flagship project for fostering development and realizing Kuwait “National Vision 2035”.
  • Kuwait an important partner in the Belt & Road initiative (BRI).
  • Fostering regional and global liberalization, trade integration, and cultural cooperation.
  • Pioneering role of the private sector in development, financing and investment.
  • Introducing legislation and supportive systems for sustainable development.

Special Feature: An Update on ‘New Kuwait’

Special to the KIF, various ministers will present progress and outlook on Kuwait Vision 2035: New Kuwait. This exclusive session is the first public event since the vision's launch in January 2017 and will shed light on the progress to date on each of the program's seven pillars.


  • Shedding light on progress and upcoming perspective for Kuwait “National Vision 2035” launched as “New Kuwait” campaign.
  • Showcasing developments and projects pertaining to National Vision seven pillars: Effective Government, Diverse & Sustainable Economy, Quality Infrastructure, Sustainable Living Communities, Quality Healthcare, Innovative Human Capital, and Prominent International Position.

Third Session: Investment Opportunities – Lucrative Options in Dynamic Sectors

  • Modern Oil Industries: Strategic Vision towards a promising future.
  • Roads & Transport projects catalyst for regional connectivity.
  • Role of Public Private Partnerships in fostering development.
  • Industrial sector in Kuwait: Plethora of opportunities and supportive environment.
  • ICT projects a catalyst for Digital Transformation.
  • Investing in New Cities to enhance urban development.
  • Tourism sector: a magnet for investments.
  • Investing in Sports facilities to unleash youth potential.