About KIF

About Kuwait Investment Forum (KIF)

Under the Patronage of His Highness the Emir of Kuwait

Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah

Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA) is organizing


8-9 March 2016

Arraya Ballroom, Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Kuwait

Kuwait Investment Forum, KDIPA’s first promotional event, convened against the background of several positive developments witnessed in the Kuwaiti economy that have caught the attention of investors. It distinctly demonstrated the Kuwaiti Government’s resolve to attract quality local and foreign investments, by creating the right investment environment, simplifying procedures, enabling a favorable legislative framework for the encouragement and protection of investment, and offering a host of incentives and exemptions, including allowing for a 100% foreign ownership.

Kuwait’s new Five-Year Development Plan (2015/2016-2019/2020) embedded these favorable developments by focusing on enhancing economic diversification, fostering Kuwait’s competitiveness, and adopting an economic policy that allows the private sector to play a leading role in the economy. As well as allocating investment expenditure around US$ 103 billion to develop the needed infrastructure in strategic sectors including oil, electric power & water, communications, transport, health, education, housing & urban development; and the development of the financial market.

These favorable developments have placed Kuwait at the forefront as a lucrative investment destination for both local and foreign investments; leveraging their value as primary channels for the transfer and settlement of modern technology, building the pillars of knowledge economy, and facilitating local SMEs integration within global value chains. These benefits exacerbated by the openness of the Kuwaiti economy, the strength of its macroeconomic performance, its strategic location as a link between the Gulf and the hinterland, and the predominance of Kuwait well-educated and talented youth, who exemplify the country’s real wealth.

Kuwait Investment Forum avails a vivid domestic and international platform that will adequately shed light on these transformations. This is manifested in themes tackling economic policy priorities, improving business environment, displaying potential investment opportunities, financing options, showing Kuwait leading role in supporting developmental and humanitarian assistance, and mapping the way forward for Kuwait to advance to innovation based economy underlined by sustainability, in view of its international commitments.

Kuwait Investment Forum invites ministers and high-ranking government officials, as well as local, Arab an international leading dignitaries, businesspersons and investors in sectors pertaining to banking, finance, investment, and industry; in addition to academics and experts from renowned regional and international organizations, and representatives from the local, regional, and international media.

Main Topics of Kuwait Investment Forum Agenda:

  • Foundations and Prospects of Economic & Developmental Policy.
  • Why Invest in Kuwait Now?
  • Modern Legislations for an Attractive Investment Environment.
  • Potential & Lucrative Investment Opportunities.
  • Kuwait- A Global Economic & Humanitarian Player.
  • Financing Investment
  • “Future of Investment for a Sustainable Development”